Project Description

Beyond Capital COCA

COCA: Create Opportunities for Community Advancement

About COCA

COCA is a Section 21 nonprofit organisation that was formed in 2003. It was initially started as a response to the rising number of vulnerable and orphaned children in the greater Pinetown area. In 2006, Redemption Point Church was asked to take ownership of the organisation and it was decided that the vision for COCA should be expanded and the acronym was changed from Christian Orphan Care Aid to ‘Creating Opportunities for Community Advancement’. Since then, COCA has started various projects with the desire to see people’s lives permanently transformed and communities advanced. As Redemption Point Church has grown and expanded into the city, so has COCA’s involvement into Durban and the surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Our vision as an organisation is simply to ‘Create Opportunities for Community Advancement’. We hope to see our beneficiaries empowered to positively impact their families and communities whilst acknowledging their own worth and value.

Our Mission

Our mission is for the most vulnerable in our society to participate and benefit from projects which will encourage, equip and educate them to have a brighter future. We aim to achieve this through tailor made programs as well as partnering with other non-profits in our city.

Our Focus

As an organisation we aim to focus on three key areas to implement change:  Skills Development, Education and Entrepreneurship.

Skills Development: Through various training and skills programs COCA would like to see the unemployable and unskilled equipped to start businesses, develop their individual talents and find employment.

Education: We believe that education plays a crucial role in a child’s future as well as the future of South Africa as a whole. We aim to run programs to help children get the most out of the education system, as well as to build their confidence and equip them for life after school.

Entrepreneurship: As an organisation we believe that assisting entrepreneurs to run successful businesses means there is a positive trickle down affect for the whole community. We hope to encourage this through business courses, mentorship and microloans.


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