At Multiply, we target proprietary transactions in unlisted companies, primarily in emerging markets across Africa, that have both local and global growth potential.

Our current investment portfolio spans across multiple industry platforms: Food and Food Logistics, Water, Fintech, Infrastructure, Property, and Financial Services. We believe in the impact that technology can have across all sectors and we have a strong bias towards businesses promoting the impact of digital technology in the fourth industrial revolution.

In an environment where common values exist, trusted relationships and effective networks form. Whilst we encourage diversity as the seed of innovation, we also seek to develop networks which ascribe to our common set of values.

Through practicing integrity and empathy, we develop a foundation of Trust. On this foundation, great Teams develop where individual members respect the diverse talents of one another and collaborate to maximise the output of the team. Working in such a Team environment engenders a space for individuals and teams to express their passions whilst encouraging individual and collective creativity which brings out the best Talent.

At Multiply, we aim to leave a lasting impact on people, communities, businesses and nations across the globe that inspires growth and sustainability beyond our capital returns. We recognise the responsibility and privilege associated with building significant businesses and embrace the opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

Our Beyond Capital programmes allow us to make a positive contribution and empower people through providing employment, entrepreneurship and mentorship.


Where Trust, Teams and Talent meet, excellence is the outcome.


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When we partner with investors, many of whom are the owners of businesses in which we invest, values form the cornerstone from which we grow these businesses of scale.