Crossfin Enters Level 1 in ‘Really Promising’ State

Exclusive interview with Crossfin Technology COO Anton Gaylard

With the country still recording thousands of new Covid-19 cases each week, and unfortunately hundreds of deaths, it is now crystal clear that businesses have a long-term issue to deal with. The thought that the situation might abate as time passed has proven to be false. Now, companies must plan for the much longer-term with their reactive and recovery strategies. Yes, vaccines are close, but they remain rushed and uncertain. Even when the roll out begins, it will be some time before adoption is large enough to consider the problem solved.

must adapt to. This is something that every entrepreneur quickly becomes adept in. Juggling different issues while problem solving and jumping hurdles is the life that every business faces – now is no different.

With that in mind, we talk to some that have done things right. Those that have turned the corner and are now starting to operate in a more normal way, with more normal projections. Crossfin Technology is a great example. A fintech provider across southern Africa, this business was fast to change strategy and is now reaping the benefits.