By: Marc Rosenburg

Collaboration, Innovation and Agility

In an age where the pace at which the delivery of information is only surpassed by the recipients hunger to devour and respond to it, we are being called to lift our eyes to a new horizon where innovation meets opportunity… but only for the agile.

We live in a magnificently complex world. All around us, we encounter seemingly simplistic solutions to our daily needs being delivered with speed, efficiency and diminishing costs. The adoption of technology in every sphere of life as we know it has connected people in social or professional environments, providing access to information and enabling relationships, built on ‘trust’, to progress at an accelerated rate.

It is as if we are watching the World pass us by on the ‘time-lapse’ feature. Take a moment to visualise a silhouetted skyline – watching planes pass over, skyscrapers and cranes dominating the horizon, smoke fill the air as Cities boom, all the while watching through a lens which speeds up the world around us. Did you take a moment to enjoy God’s extravagance in the seemingly monotonous everyday? The changing colours in the sky as the sun rose and set, the dynamic cloud formations drifting overhead or the greenery that was before slowly fade away? I’d be surprised if you did.

We are a driven race bent on progress, fueled by success – the definition of these often blurred by earthly intent – and overwhelmed with the pace at which both the macro and micro environments, so dependent on one another, are moving at. Yet, today we find ourselves humbled on a Global scale, brought to our knees by an “invisible” foe that has sown seeds of panic and uncertainty into our vulnerable minds. A bleak outlook if you choose to think so, and feelings we need to intentionally replace with an opportunity focused mindset.

Change happens. It is inevitable and can be unsettling, with the only thing that is certain being that it will occur. We have seen disruption and change in our lifetime on many occasions. From the emergence of the internet to the introduction of technological platforms that put the power of corporate machines in entrepreneurs’ hands. The market has shifted continuously, not allowing organisations around the world to become complacent in either products or market trends. There have been case studies of startup companies that have accelerated at unsustainable speeds feeding the short attention spans of hungry consumers, only to drop off just as quickly if they haven’t re-invented themselves, even before the height of their success.

The most recent experience of change to our perceived ‘normal’ state, has been challenging to deal with for many because of the pace at which it came and the shocking nature of the resulting impact on our environment. The way the World interacts has been changed forever and who knows where it will ultimately land, that is largely out of our control. What is in our control, however, is the will and drive to do something about it, to re-invent yourself or your company to align with the World that emerges once the dust has settled. This is our wakeup call to the reality that surrounds us and to ignite the vision that’s been implanted in our hearts. To do that well and to be able to prepare for the new order, strangely, we need to slow down.

With an empathetic heart understanding that everyone’s situation is different, some more challenging than others, I firmly believe that now is the time to take advantage of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Now is the time to push the pause button, to lift your eyes and be grateful for what you have around you. To renew your mind and find peace within your spirit. How this is done is up to each unique individual, whether reading, writing, exercising or spending intentional time with your family again. This realignment will help you to think clearly, remembering what is important, what you are passionate about and applying the skills you have been gifted with to a new vision. So, what can we do?

  1. We need to be accepting of the reality that we are faced with and not be confused by the way we think things should

  2. We need to be clear on who we are, either as individuals or organisations. By bringing clarity to self we will be able to prepare and position ourselves better to take advantage of the change.

  3. We need to express creativity through innovation, utilizing the accessible technology to improve our teams, products and communication.

  4. We need to collaborate. In these uncertain times our strength will be found in solidarity and our impact made through leveraging various skill sets to find solutions to the challenges we are faced with.

  5. We need to be agile as we adapt to changing conditions. Agility can only be accomplished through preparedness. Therefore, we need to act. We need to reset our goals and execute with intent, visualising where we want to be at every waking moment.

As an overarching thought, we need to let go of our selfish, short term ambitions and realise that our time here is finite; that the legacy we leave will have an eternal part to play in the momentum and vision of those we leave behind.

Lift your eyes to the horizon. Renew your mind. Re-envision your heart. Be patient while the dust settles. Prepare. Invest in meaningful relationships, free of selfish intent. Act when the time is right. Find your balance and peace in who you are called to be.

A ‘new’ World is fast approaching, let’s meet it with a transformed purpose.

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