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Source: Business Live

ANTON GAYLARD: Fintech providers and the cash-free world after the coronavirus

A move to digital payments is vital, and as well as being contactless, all digital transactions offer some measure of trackability

In the Business Beyond Covid series, CEOs and other business leaders and experts in their sectors look to the future after Covid-19. What effect has the pandemic and resulting lockdown had on their industries and the SA economy as a whole? Which parts will bounce back first and which will never be the same again? Most importantly, they try to answer the question: where to from here?

The global economy is floundering. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the steep cost of limiting its impact on vulnerable communities is only now becoming clear.

The unanticipated and abrupt slowdown in public and economic life has forced people and businesses to reconsider what the world could — and should — look like when the crisis passes, and what parts of “normal” are worth rushing back to.